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Choosing Natural Ingredients: A Cleaner Path for a Happier Home and Healthier Planet

Introducing our new natural Solid Dish Soap bar, available this month.

Solid Dish Soap bar with simple ingredients saponified olive oil with white Red Oak Refillery label next to a dish soap bar on a plate with a sisal brush.

Welcome to The Red Oak Refillery, your expert choice for natural and sustainable household products in Oakland County, Michigan. Today, we want to shed light on the wonderful benefits of using natural ingredients like olive oil, citric acid, and baking soda in our products, while also highlighting the impending arrival of our Solid Dish Soap bar, crafted with love and care by the amazing mothers at local Davisburg company, MamaSuds. Moreover, we'll discuss how the use of toxic chemicals in traditional cleaners can have negative implications for physical health, homemaking safety, plumbing systems, wastewater systems, and our precious planet Earth.

We care about the planet, but we care more about you, your family, and your home, so let's dive into the wonders and effectiveness of natural cleaning ingredients and how it will benefit you.


The Wonders of Natural Ingredients:

Natural ingredients have stood the test of time, providing countless advantages while ensuring a bright future for generations to come. Here at The Red Oak Refillery, we harness the power of nature for superior cleaning without compromises.

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1. Benefitting Physical Health: Traditional household cleaners often contain harmful toxic chemicals that can negatively impact our well-being, especially with long-term exposure. On the contrary, using products derived from natural sources, like olive oil-based liquid and solid bar soaps, help create a healthier living environment for us and our loved ones. By embracing natural ingredients, we avoid exposure to potentially dangerous substances, promoting better respiratory health and protecting against the risk of long-term health complications.

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2. Upholding Home Safety: Beyond physical health, the safety of our homes is a priority. With commonly used synthetic ingredients prevalent in traditional cleaners, one’s furniture and carpets can suffer over time, losing vitality and vibrancy. Alternatively, our natural ingredients provide a safe and effective sanctuary for all your cherished belongings. Say goodbye to harmful residue and restoration woes and welcome a home environment that truly embodies comfort and longevity.

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3. Protecting Plumbing Systems: Traditional cleaners featuring substances like hydrochloric acid might conquer grime, but ironically, they often wreak havoc on home plumbing systems. As we disinfect our surfaces, the harsh chemicals flow down our drains, corroding pipes and leading to clogs, leaks, and weakened plumbing structures overtime. Choosing products made with citric acid and baking soda not only cleans effectively but also maintains the integrity of your home plumbing. Our choice promotes system longevity and lowers the frequency of plumbing installations and repairs, saving homeowners money and grief!

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4. Preserving the Wastewater System and Our Planet: The detrimental impact of toxic chemicals isn't limited to our homes. Once flushed down into the wastewater system, they join a vast river of chemical pollutants which overwhelm treatment plants and seep into our streams and oceans. Over time, this unabated flow of harmful substances deteriorates aquatic ecosystems and threatens Earth's delicate balance. Alternatively, by embracing our range of natural cleaning products, like our ne Solid Dish Soap bar, sourced locally from MamaSuds, we conveniently reverse this toxic tide. This 8-ounce solid dish soap cuts through the grease and dirt so you can clean your dishes without worrying about what's left behind on those dishes. Unscented and cruelty-free, the Solid Dish Soap can be used in other areas of the house (laundry stains, taking labels off jars, cleaning the stove, etc.). Any place you'd use our liquid castile soap you can use the solid version as well.

To use: Pair with an eco-friendly brush or scrubby to apply to your dishes (we love sisal scrubbies!). Re-lather as needed.

**Be sure to use a slotted soap dish, this will make the soap last longer and not get soft.

Let us become the guardians of sustainability, choosing nature's wisdom and crafting a clean, peaceful planet for future generations.

By making conscious choices and switching to natural ingredients found in products offered by The Red Oak Refillery, we invite prosperity, maintaining happier souls, sturdier homes, well-functioning plumbing systems, and a cleaner planet. Let us take a leap forward in harnessing the transformative power of natural ingredients together.

Visit The Red Oak Refillery in Oakland County and embark on an eco-friendly journey towards a kinder, healthier world. Make your household environment truly prosper!

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