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SO WHAT MAKES undilutedLIFE's ELDERBERRY SYRUP DIFFERENT FROM WHAT YOU CAN GET AT THE GROCERY STORE?• All organic ingredients, all the time. Elderberries, cloves, ginger, ceylon cinnamon, honey, lemon juice and water - pure and simple. No fake stuff.• Raw, local honey sourced from hives on farms and local to the metro-Detroit area.• Highly concentrated elderberry goodness. By taking the extra time to simmer low and slow we can help to ensure to extract every ounce of goodness into each bottle.• Absolutely no plastic -- not when cooking, straining or bottling. Plastics, especially when mixed with heat, leach chemicals and endocrine disrupters into your foods.• Old timey apothecary bottles! Not only are they glass instead of plastic, but they're heavy duty and easy to pour from. Plus our bottles are so pretty they can be repurposed into vases, soap jars and more!• Small Batches so that every berry can be pressed, every bottle filled and packaged with love.• No thickeners - some Elderberry Syrups will have added corn syrup, but we use pure honey. While our syrup might not be as thick as theirs it has more health benefits!

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Elderberry Syrup

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  • This item requires refrigeration and is available for delivery and pick up only.